Rebuilding a culture of life

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April, 01, 2022


Small but effective ways to promote a culture of life

8 easy things you can do to help!


Despite Covid restrictions, with your consistent and courageous support and prayers we have highlighted the pro-life message repeatedly during the past two years.

Going forward, here are 8 thing you can do to help the pro-life projects thrive and bring the message of life to the people.

Please call the office on 01 8730465 if you’d like to help with any of those options.

Thank you for your perseverance and compassion for the unborn child and for mothers.



1. Watch the Documentary Ireland's Fall - the Abortion Deception


Our documentary, Ireland’s Fall: The Abortion Deception, has already been viewed by almost 100,000 people online. We can send you a DVD of the documentary if you’d like to hold a screening of the film at home or at your prayer meeting or elsewhere. It’s a powerful, acclaimed investigative piece from Tim Jackson and we hope eventually to get to have it seen by 500,000 people.



2. Learn the history of the pro-life movement


An excellent history of the Irish pro-life movement has been written in a superb book - “Patriots: The Untold History of Ireland’s Pro-Life Movement ”-  by Jonathon Van Maren. It has been suggested to us that it would be a good idea for pro-lifers to ask their local library to order or stock a copy. Can you do that for us in your local library?


Buy it here


3. Volunteer with a crisis pregnancy agency

Volunteer with an agency which counsels and supports mothers with unexpected pregnancies. From counselling, practical support before and after her baby is born, and much needed baby items, these can be the reasons why a mother gives her baby life. They need your help!




4. Distribute pro-life literature

We publish leaflets regularly for general distribution. It would make a big difference if you could distribute them at local masses, clubs and through doors.


5. Join a Pro-Life Information Session


A courageous group of young people have come together to start pro-life street sessions again. If you or anyone you know would like to be involved, please get in touch.



6. Organise a Vigil for Life


The Rally for Life in July will be here before we know it! This year would you like to organise a Vigil for Life in your local church on the week or nights before the Rally?



7. Host a Coffee Morning


Hold a pro-life coffee morning in your home, your garden or parish centre. Talk about the pro-life issues and raise much needed funds for those with unexpected pregnancies. Share the pro-life message with those you know and those you don't!


8. Host a Movie Night

Watch Roe v Wade in your home or parish centre. Any funds raised to go to those with unexpected pregnancies


Join the Rally for life on the first Saturday of July every year!


Bring a group to the Rally for Life on Saturday 2nd July in Dublin City Centre, be there!



At a Glance


April, 01, 2022


Small but effective ways to promote a culture of life