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Tell your TD to oppose Clare Daly's abortion bill TODAY

Clare Daly's mission in the Dáil seems to be to bring forward an endless succession of abortion bills - and this week (Tuesday) she is asking TDs to support a bill calling for abortion for babies with severe disabilities such as anencephaly and Trisomy 13.   

Daly has described these children as 'incompatible with life' : a cruel and offensive description designed to dehumanise babies who are alive and kicking in the womb, and who have a right to life like any other child. See the call to have that phrase discontinued here: http://www.everylifecounts.ie/compatible-with-life/ 

Contact your TDs today - you can find their details HERE - and tell them:   

1. To vote NO to Clare Daly's abortion bill   

2. That children with a severe disability have a right to life and should not suffer lethal discrimination.   

3. That TDs should take time to hear the message of parents in groups like Every Life Counts who say that better care, not abortion, is what parents need. In Ireland more than 90% of parents facing a life-limiting diagnosis continue to carry their babies and receive great healing from the time they have with their babies. 

Thank you!


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