A New Years resolution to Repeal Section 9

As you are all aware, as of January 1st 2020, abortion has become legal in Northern Ireland. This law has not been in place for a week before pro-life activists “Youth for Life NI” in Belfast started their first public outreach this year, where so far the response from the public has been very good and supportive.

“The law may have changed but the facts remain the same - killing a defenceless unborn baby at any stage will always be wrong. #RepealSection9” - Youth for Life NI

Youth for Life NI have stated that they have made it their New Year’s resolution to repeal Section 9 – to make abortion illegal. 

If you are in Northern Ireland and would like to help Youth for Life NI with their work, please click this link to their Facebook page to message them directly, or contact them via info@preciouslife.com or 02890278484

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