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Gianna Care third baby saved by abortion pill reversal

We are sharing this great news from Gianna Care!

"We couldn't be more excited to share with you the results of our work this month. 67 women availed of our services in the month of August. All four centres (Dublin, Galway, Kerry & Offaly) prepared and distributed 36 deliveries of baby materials to new and expectant mothers.

Due to an increased advertising budget, we have been contacted by more abortion-minded women than ever before. 13 women changed their mind and decided to keep their babies and 9 remain undecided although inclined towards keeping. We will continue to offer all the love and support that is needed no matter what.

One woman contacted us after regretting taking the first abortion pill. She wasn't sure what she wants to do, and although we offered her all of the supports she went to her GP and took the first abortion pill. Very shortly after that, she contacted us saying she made a terrible mistake. Within minutes we put her in touch with a pro-life doctor who prescribed the progesterone, also known as the Abortion Pill Reversal. Just yesterday, she sent us the scan picture saying it was confirmed that her baby is okay and thanking us for saving both her and her little one!"

Well done to the wonderful peeps in Gianna Care who work around the clock to help women with unexpected and crisis pregnancies!

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