A Light for Life 2022

We've asked pro-life people across the country to join with us to light a candle and observe a moment of silence on May 25th for all those lives destroyed by abortion.

Thousands of people engaged with our social media Light for Life campaign, and it was lovely to see all the prayers offered and candles lit to remember the babies so tragically killed. 

Some people have kindly shared their candle-lit photos with us and how encouraging it is to be seeing such an impact from the efforts and support of all involved.

May 25th received some bitter sweet attention as our candles shone brightly in our homes and online yet our battle is far from over and we will continue to remember them and fight for the right to life for all born and unborn.

Now, as the event has come to an end, please remember that we can always continue to participate together by private prayer and by our efforts.

It is never too late to save the unborn.