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Niamh Uí Bhriain joins Vinnie O'Brien on Midlands Radio to talk about the Rally for Life and the need to oppose the push from abortion extremists to further expand the law. June 2023

Niamh on EWTN : May 2023

Niamh on LifeFM discussing the 3 day wait : April 2022í-bhriain-from-the-life-institute/

A segment from Niamh on East Coast Radio : April 2022


LISTEN: Niamh Uí Bhriain talks to Wendy Grace on @SpiritRadio about the 'bombshell' revelations about the abortion regime being hidden by the rest of the media.

Thousands take part in annual Rally for Life in Dublin city centre

Thousands turn out for Rally for life in Dublin

Thousands expected at pro-life rally

Thousands attend Rally for Life in Dublin

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran before the Rally for Life

Limerick group attend Rally for Life to “hold the government to account”

Offaly Pro-Life members join thousands in national 'Rally for Life'

Leitrim group attend Rally for Life to “hold the government to account” on abortion

“Spiralling” abortion numbers inspire thousands to Rally for Life in Dublin


Donegal Pro-life campaigners attend Dublin 'Rally for Life'


Dublin Pro-life March in the Irish Echo


Irish Times


Sunday Indepedent, 3 July 2022


Numbers travelling to the UK for abortion services rising


Ireland has already aborted more than the population of Sligo, Irish Catholic


Tyrone's Mickey Harte to speak at pro-life event in Letterkenny




Radio Kerry


Leitrim Observer


Westmeath Independent


Dungarvan Observer


Westmeath Examiner


Midland Tribune


Irish Catholic


05.12.2020   Joe Walsh speaking about event to mark horrific treatment of unborn children

09.12.2020   Niamh Uí Bhriain on LifeFM speaking on Fatal Flaws and the STOP abortion campaign



07.01.2019    International Movement Gears Up
07.01.2019    Woman writes about her abortion


01.01.2018 From Ireland to Africa: the Stream
19.01.2018 Fianna Fáil branded as supporting abortion
24.01.2018 Social media and Canvassing focus of groups
24.01.2018 FF position extremist and mistaken
26.01.2018 Bishop tells Donegal that campaign can be won
29.01.2018 New Disability Voices for Life formed today
30.02.2018 Niamh Uí Bhriain on DriveTime: 30th January 2018
02.02.2018 Ireland should learn from US mistakes
30.02.2018 We will save the 8th: Niamh on Drivetime
03.02.2018 Journal's 'FactCheck' on Save Billboard
04.02.2018 Green Party councillors censorship attempt
04.02.2018 Green Party Councillors censorship attempt
05.02.2018 Soros backed abortion group illegal donation
07.02.2018 Marie Stopes deny they are going to set up
09.02.2018 Group of nearly 80 parents sign letter
09.02.2018 Repeal campaign must change tone
10.02.2018 Hundreds at Loving the 8th event
12.02.2018 We will not be silent: Disability Voices for Life
12.02.3018 People with disability very much to the forefront
12.02.2018 We will not be silenced in the debate
12.02.2018 We will not be silenced in the debate: Examiner
13.02.2018 Photo of our street work in this French Paper
13.02.2018 Medics diverse opinion on abortion must be heard
13.02.2018 One doctor how she proposes to Vote NO
12.02.2018 Twitter abuse at young pro-life student
20.02.2018 CA chief has full confidence in recruitment process
26.02.2018 AbortionStory Billboard in Irish Times
03.03.2018 Abortion Referendum:Phoney war prevails
04.03.2018 Our last chance to save the 8th
07.03.2018 Save Rally biggest event of the campaign
07.03.2018 Abortion debate intensifies in Offaly
08.09.2018 Referendum Case Petitioner interview in the Irish Independent
08.09.2018 The Yes Side Didn't Win: Ref Analysis in
06.11.2018 Letter from Disability Voices for Life in the Irish Times


05.02.2017Life Institute on the Citizens' Assembly
06.02.2017Niamh Uí Bhriain ar TG4 on the Citizens Assembly
08.02.2017Dangerous clinics turning women away from abortions
13.02.2017Powerful video, Humanity of preborn cannot be denied
14.02.2017Powerful new campaign aims to refocus abortion debate
17.02.2017'Human' launched to protect unborn in Ireland
04.03.2017Debate in the Journal: Can you be pro-life and feminist?
06.03.2017 Niamh Uí Bhriain on the Michael Reade Show, LMFM
08.03.2017 Niamh Uí Bhriain on BBC
08.03.2017 Segment on TG4, International Womens Day
08.03.2017 Roisin - TG4, Life Institute Niamh Uí Bhriain
09.03.2017 Comment on Rosa Bus
23.04.2017 Citizens Assembly, reaction from both sides
27.04.2017 Irish citizens not in favour of abortion on demand
06.05.2017 Eight Amendment Ref: Two sides marshal forces
10.05.2017 Letter: The UN and the 8th Amendment
30.06.2017 Doctors who led Savita enquiry
27.07.2017 Leaked Soros plan to turn Ireland into pro-abortion country
21.08.2017 UN is attacking Ireland _ Christian Insitute
15.08.2017 UN Irelands abortion laws are progressive, modern
22.08.2017 Save the 8th: Irish Pro-lifers battled biased CA, Soros
23.08.2017 Abortion is a fundamental right claims Canadian PM
24.08.2017 Irish pro-lifers counter pro-abortion media
07.10.2017 Silencing rape survivors is not a feminist act
05.10.2017 No one is forcing women to leave the country
21.11.2017 Committee on Irish abortion law ridiculously biased
12.12.2017Soros money means legal trouble for amnesty ireland


09.05.2016 Comment on Sabina Higgins abortion remarks
09.05.2016 Sabina Higgins criticised over abortion remarks
09.05.2016 Sabina Higgins under fire from Pro-Life Groups
09.05.2016 Irish president abused her office
09.05.2016 Sabina Higgins targets children with severe disabilities
17.05.2016 Niamh Uí Bhriain on RTE News on the lastest abortion figures
09.06.2016 Pressure on schools to ban Amnesty
10.06.2016 Loosetalk, LMFM, Niamh Uí Bhriain and Ailbhe Smyth
09.06.2016 TV3 News, addressing the UN's ruling
13.06.2016 UN rules that Ireland violates abortion rights
19.08.2016 Irish Times accused of abortion bias in reporting
19.08.2016 Irish Times accused of abortion bias in reporting
19.08.2016 Government set standards for bereavment and counselling
19.08.2016 Irish Gov sets standard handling parents bereavments
22.08.2016 Niamh Uí Bhriain on Newstalk discussing twowomentravel
22.08.2016 Reignites debabe on twowomentravel
22.08.2016 Harris praises women who documented abortion journey
23.08.2016 Victim ignored in two women travel
22.08.2016 Irish women live tweet abortion journey
26.08.2016 Mega rich Americans are funding abortion push
01.09.2016 Pro-life group says abortion helpline is a stunt
01.09.2016 Confidential helpline for women who abort
01.09.2016 Controversy over abortion helpline
01.09.2016 Controversy over abortion helpline
09.09.2016 Repealing the 8th opens the door to abortion on demand
21.09.2016 Kildare Cllrs vote against motion to repeal the 8th
21.09.2016 Niamh Uí Bhriain on LMFM vs Abortion Rights Campaign
23.09.2016 Interview with Niamh Uí Bhriain on Here's How Podcast
24.09.2016 Campaign write-up in the Journal
24.09.2016 Ireland's abortion wars set to rage again
29.09.2016 I'm prolife, so why is government forcing me to fund abortions
02.10.2016 The Eighth Amendment: A nation divided
06.10.2016 Polish parliament officially rejects total abortion ban
04.10.2016 Irish archbishop seeks revolution of tenderness not legal abortion
15.10.2016 Citizens assembly which will discuss abortion launched today
16.10.2016 Eighth amendment - a divided nation once again
10.11.2016 What does Trumps relection mean for reproductive rights
16.11.2016 Carphone Warehouse chief apologises
02.12.2016 Irish government's appeal to pro-life ruling is deplorable
19.12.2016 Irish government to compensate women for abortion


31.01.2015 Hospital review says paper's story didn't exist
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report in Irish Independent
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report in Irish Independent
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report in Irish Independent
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report in Irish Times
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report on TV3 News : from about 7.50
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report in Yahoo News
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report on LifesiteNews
10.06.2015 Niamh Uí Bhriain debates Colm O'Gorman on LMFM
09.06.2015 Amnesty : Report on Evening Echo
15.06.2015 Varadkar asked to investigate abortion after staff concerns
16.06.2015 Amnesty says it has no political axe to grind on abortion
08.08.2015 Pro-life Protest tells Amnesty abortion is torture
14.08.2015 Deep seated fear of dependency on others : Letter
05.11.2015 Over 100,000 petition to defund Amnesty over abortion
21.11.2015 Criticism for doctors' support for amnesty letter
02.12.2015 Amnesty accused of censoring criticism


03.02.2014 Abortion Irish Times are at it again: pro-lifers furious at hit piece
14.02.2013 Like Slavery, abortion gives ownership of one person over another
17.02.2014 What I learnt from 12 years a slave
20.02.2014 Times says it won't use 'pro-life' but keeps using 'pro-choice'
07.05.2014 False piety underlines what Enda Kenny's abortion party has done
14.05.2014 Media claims Irish pro-life grilling politicians
28.05.2014 Pro Life Candidates in the Local Elections
12.06.2014 Decrease in abortion figures
13.06.2014 Fewer Irish women going for abortions
13.06.2014 Irish women going for abortions in Britain
12.06.2014 Interview with Niamh Uí Bhriain on Matt Cooper
15.07.2014 Pro-life and proud generation stands out at rally for life
18.08.2014 Support for suicidal woman was complicated not assisted by legislation
18.08.2014 Abortion law will add to strain on maternity services
23.08.2014 Protests due as HSE announces terms of reference
23.08.2014 Both sides of debate air views
23.08.2014 Calls for independent enquiry
24.08.2014 IFPA have questions to answer
23.08.2014 Vigil for Hope on Nuacht TG4
11.09.2014 Callous indifference shown to baby in this case
15.09.2014 Abortion debate continues to divide nation
09.10.2014 Niamh Uí Bhriain on PrimeTime discussing abortion
14.10.2014 Life Institute claims misleading question on poll
27.10.2014 Irish pro-aborts discussed importing pills illegally to force change
12.11.2014 Anti-abortion campaigners deliver gifts to baby in Miss Y case
18.11.2014 Discrimination against pro-life students endemic at Irish Universities
02.12.2014 Woman reads letter to baby hope
18.12.1014 Ireland rules out referendum on abortion
18.12.2014 No one wants to see babys life deliberately ended
18.12.2014 Bad laws make hard cases
19.12.2014 Protestor convicted


08.01.2013 No legalised abortion not causing maternal deaths
11.01.2013 LI at the Committee Hearings on Abortion
11.01.2013 10 interesting moments from the hearings
11.01.2013 Advocacy and Religious Groups at the hearings
11.01.2013 Ads like images
11.01.2013 Pro-choice accused of seeking to broaden abortion law
15.02.2013 Raising the Stakes
18.02.2013 Abortion does not decrease suicidal thoughts
14.02.2013My experience with abortion and suicide
14.02.2013 My experience with abortion and suicide
09.04.2013 Naom Chomsky fails biology 101
18.04.2013 Not the solution: X case sunset clause falls foul of both sides
26.04.2013 Unborn human life will be destroyed, Irish government bill
29.04.2013 Sting on Irish legislators reveals abortion on demand is goal
28.04.2013 Video Report of CBN News of abortion crisis in Dublin
01.05.2013 Pro-life groups think proposals go too far
01.05.2013 Both sides of abortion debate give blunt views
01.05.2013 Pro-life groups blast bill
16.05.2013 Ireland's ban on abortion in jeopardy
19.06.2013 Irish lawmakers expected to approve limited abortion
21.06.2013 New opinion poll shows strong support for free vote on abortion
23.06.2013 Significant amount of rebels push for abortion referendum
25.06.2013 Abortion debate mainly a clean fight but not witout vindictive targetting
08.07.2013 What I saw at the largest pro-life rally in Irish history
08.07.2013 Irish pro-lifers flood street to protest abortion bill
08.07.2013 Largest pro-life rally in Irish history
23.08.2013 Irish newspaper falsely claims 'first abortion' in Ireland
23.08.2013 Irish Times claim of Irish 'first abortion' a 'lie'
02.09.2013 SIPO: one law for pro-life and one law for pro-abort?
02.09.2013 Irish Times backtracks: says abortion never happened
13.09.2013 Politicians cry abuse as priests threaten to deny communion
23.09.2013 Message is that baby girls are worthless...
02.10.2013 Priest resigns from Catholic hospital after it promises compliance
07.11.2013 Abortion causes Irish woman's death
15.11.2013 Multi-million dollar abortion industry targets Ireland
27.11.2013 Help parents with unborn babies with foetal abnormalities
25.11.2013 OPINION: Parents deserve truth about fatal foetal abnormalities
27.11.2013Report on Perinatal Hospice on DriveTime


17.01.2012 Irish government stacks panel with legal abortion advocates
06.02.2012 Ireland marks 20 years since the X case despite pro-abortion push
07.02.2012 20 years after Ireland's X case, pro-aborts target jewel in the crown
22.02.2012 No case where abortion was necessary to save Mom
21.02.2012 Irish poised to revisit abortion law
12.03.2012 The US Billionaires funding the push for abortion in Ireland
01.03.2012 The experts have already spoken
20.03.2012 Has Ireland rejected calls to legalise abortion? That remains to be seen
03.04.2012 Abortion doesn't cure cancer, science again confirms what we already know
12.04.2012 Interview with Niamh Uí Bhriain re Women Speak Out
12.04.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain discusses the abortion bill on LMFM
12.04.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain from LI on Coleman at Large dicussing the Daly abortion bill
13.04.2012 Abortion issue flares up ahead of Dáil debate
18.04.2012 Ireland takes up bill on abortion access: New York Times
24.04.2012 Bill rejected in the Irish Parliament
27.04.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain with Dr Joan Lawlor on RTE's God Slot
11.05.2012 Since when is murder a solution to an illness?
18.06.2012 For it or against it, abortion is not a billboard issue
04.07.2012 Self-styled liberals refuse to recognise devastating realities of abortion
16.07.2012 Abortion and the Crash Crux
01.08.2012 Irish government considering abortion legislation by 'stealth'
10.09.2012 Letter to the Irish Times - Abortion Debate
19.09.2012 Letter to the Irish Times - Abortion Debate
02.10.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain on Prime Time, RTE
13.10.2012 Opinions divided on Belfast abortion row
24.09.2012 Welcome US Congressmen's letter urging no change in abortion law
23.10.2012 New Irish video shows that abortion never saves a mothers life
24.10.2012 Pro-life video of the day: The myth of necessary abortion
25.10.2012 TV3 - IrelandAM
30.10.2012 Group funded by American billionaire complain about Irelands pro-life laws
02.11.2012 New video shows abortion doesn't save women's lives
15.11.2012 Abortion campaigners knew about Savita case days before
15.11.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain and Dr. Berry Kiely on the Vincent Browne Show
19.11.2012 Ireland abortion group plotted for days to exploit Savita's death
18.11.2012 Pro choice activists got tip off on tragic death
20.11.2012 Niamh Uí Bhriain on Prime Time
22.11.2012 Calls to Fine Gael TD's
03.12.2012 Reporter who broke Savita story admits there might have been no request
14.12.2012 Not one single abortion in the UK to "save the life of the mother"
20.12.2012 Black day as Irish government moves to legislate for abortion
17.12.2012 Labour accussed of using abortion as a cover to deflect from budget


10.01.2011 Abortion support costs Irish Labour Party: Poll
21.02.2011 Irelands leading opposition party 'opposed to legalisation of abortion'
24.02.2011 Irish Labour Party suffers political downturn for abortion support
27.04.2011 Irish Catholic bishops' aid groups pull out of 'human rights' report over abortion
01.05.2011 Tragedy of miscarraige
17.05.2011 Céad Míle Fáilte? Other controversial visits to ireland
Cuts in Service for mum-to-be
14.06.2011 Part of "aggressive attempt to bully Ireland on abortion"
11.07.2011Abortion a 'lawful choice' according to course at leading university
11.08.2011 Why London is burning
06.10.2011 Ireland Justice Minister fails to defend pro-life laws at UN hearing
06.10.2011 Shatter bows to the UN abortion demands
12.10.2011 Irish Government rejects UN abortion demands
21.10.2011 Protest at Dr. Death's trinity talk on suicide
17.11.2011 Leading biotech company ditches embryo research


18.03.2010 Another venue shuts its door to Dr Death
20.03.2010 Rights to assisted suicide discussed
16.05.2010 A matter of life and death
17.05.2010 The return of Doctor Death
12.09.2010 Hype around stem cells
16.12.2010 Niamh Uí Bhriain and William Binchy on Prime Time


26.06.2009Advert should have had alternatives
01.07.2009Ireland no longer abortion free state
25.10.2009We say No to Abortion, but watch out Europe


08.08.200820 Deaths in the USA spark fears over vaccine safety
12.08.2008Andrews signals referendum on children's rights unlikely
05.09.2008Playing Catch-Up
02.10.2008Bishops restate case against unions


01.03.2007Minister Lenihan Excluded Parents' Groups
01.03.2007We Must Act Now Against New Threat of Violence in N Ireland
01.04.2007Government Threat to Medical Ethics
01.06.2007Pro-life Activists Wins Libel Case Against Independent


12.11.2006Government shies away from tinkering with family
01.12.2006Vote May Transfer Parents' Rights


11.05.2005Cura's Annual Grant Contested by CPA
07.11.2005New Campaign to Put Family First
10.11.2005Family First Advert - Evening Echo
11.11.2005Family First Advert - Clare Champion
16.11.2005Family First Advert - Southside People
12.11.2005Family First Advert - Meath Chronicle

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