'Keep Your Promise' Campaign

Phone calls already made: 60,000 - and climbing.  Will YOU make your voice heard?

Already 60,000 phone calls have been made urging Enda Kenny to keep his promise. Will YOU make your voice heard?

During Election 2011 Fine Gael promised they would not allow abortion to be legalised in Ireland. 

But, on the 18th of April 2012, the Fine Gael Minister for Health, James Reilly, told the Dáil a different story.

He claimed that a recent European Court which called for abortion legislation - needed to be “implemented as expeditiously as possible”. And Fine Gael have offloaded responsibility for the issue to a so-called 'expert group' who are expected to recommend abortion legislation.

Fine Gael must not be allowed to break their pro-life promise.

Contact your TDs and ask them to stand up against abortion here. Make a phone call and send an email. Make your voice heard.

Minister Reilly told the Dáil that: "Members will be aware that the court ruling places obligations on Ireland and, on 16 June 2011, an action plan was submitted by Ireland to the committee of members of the Council of Europe. As part of that plan, Ireland is committed to ensuring the judgment in this case is implemented as expeditiously as possible." "I wish to meet our obligations, not simply to the European Union but more importantly to our citizens."

The Keep Your Promise campaign is mobilising the pro-life majority to rise up and demand that  Fine Gael keep their pro-life promise. 

Please get involved TODAY.

Nationwide Meetings

Meetings held to organise a nationwide campaign against the current push to legalise abortion are attracting capacity crowds, as pro-life activists unite to keep Ireland abortion-free.

The tour of meetings taking place throughout the country has been dubbed the Rise Tour since the focus is two fold: to inform pro life activists and to raise up the pro-life majority to stand against abortion.

"Our nationwide tour aims to raise up the pro-life majority and stop this push for legalised abortion, and the good news is that, to date, we've got a full house almost every night," said Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute.

"Our first meeting was held in Cork and 140 people attended. Days later they were out canvassing door to door and organising the county so that this summer the very real of threat of abortion legislation is defeated," she explained. "We're looking for the same response throughout the country, so that this government understands that the people know the truth and will not accept abortion."

Grassroots Mobilisation

Following on from the meetings, a canvass initiative is taking place with canvassing teams being organised in constituencies around the country. Going door-to-door and into the public square at churches and shopping areas ensures that we get the public involved in a nationwide drive to get as many people as possible calling their local Fine Gael TD and insisting that the party keeps its pro-life promise.

This public engagement is absolutely key to keeping Ireland abortion-free. If you would like to get involved with a group in your constituency, please contact the office. 

Leaflets by Constituency

Leaflets have been printed for each constituency detailing the Fine Gael TD contact details. You can order these from the office or view and download here

Newspaper Adverts

Adverts are being placed in several newspapers asking people to get involved in the campaign.

Social Media Adverts

Eye-catching adverts are being placed on popular social media sites including Facebook. Their aim is to maximise public engagement, and raise up the pro-life majority so that they make their voices heard.