On the 20th June 2000 Vitor was at death's door in a Sao Paulo hospital, Brazil, at the hands of an abortion team led by doctor George Andalaft. The 5-month pregnant mother had asked for an abortion, because she was the victim of rape. Vitor is the son of Fabiana Silva, 15, who lives in Goiania, and her stepfather.

Everyone mobilised to urge Dr. Andalaft to save the baby's life. "At the time, the doctor called me on the telephone and was very angry, threatening me with prosecution 'for invasion of privacy,'" explained Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz, president of the Pro-Life organisation of Anapolis.

According to the doctor, "the hospital was receiving 30 telephone calls an hour, as well as faxes and emails from all over the world. The entire globe was mobilised to save Vitor's life."

In the end, doctor Andalafat decided against the abortion. At the same time, the baby's mother decided to continue the pregnancy. Today, Vitor is the center of attention in Fabiana's home, where she lives with her mother. Neither woman wishes to give the child away.

Contrary to what doctor Andalafat believed, Silva has not interrupted her studies. She is receiving much help from pro-life benefactors, and she gave birth to Vitor in the Goiania Maternity-Infant Hospital, assisted by no less than 10 doctors!

Vitor, meaning "victorious one," was baptised yesterday in the Cathedral of the Good Jesus of Anapolis. His mother received her First Holy Communion during a Mass celebrated before the baptism. "His baptism is a living sign of pro-life's resistance. And I have the honor of administering it. How good God is," da Cruz said.

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