Kate's Story

In September 2020 I was not feeling myself and decided to go to the doctor just to see what was wrong. She decided to do a pregnancy test and I was completely convinced it would be negative, but it wasn't, it was positive.  It felt like my whole world had shattered. I just wasn't ready, what was I going to do? What would everyone say? I told my mam and she was very upset but supportive. I have an underlying condition and we both felt that maybe a termination was the best thing, I was early and could take abortion pills as far as I knew.

We went back to the Dr who told me she didn't do abortions but referred me on to a Dr who would. We made an appointment and it was all very fast, a quick chat and I went back three days later to take the pills. I took the medication right there in her office and she told me to take the next set of pills 24 hours later at home. As soon as I swallowed the pills, an awful feeling washed over me. I just stopped and realised what I was doing. I completely regretted it, and knew that I wanted to undo what I had done.

My mam knew there was something wrong and asked me if I was, okay? I said No and explained why and she said she felt the same. We called the Dr who was angry and said that she had warned us that once we started this, we 'had to see it through'. We started to search online and came across some information in the states and finally called an organization here who put us in touch with a Doctor. We cannot say enough about him, he was incredible from start to finish, he gave us his number and told us to call him anytime. He prescribed progesterone that I had to take a few times a day.

He advised a scan after 2 weeks treatment. I actually couldn't last that long and booked a scan earlier. And there it was, everything I had wanted, a heartbeat, I actually couldn't believe it, I cried and cried, God had given me a 2nd chance. The rest of the pregnancy was scary, I won't lie, waiting all the time for something to happen. Eventually on the 4th of April this year my beautiful precious little Liam was born. He is the most incredible gift to our family and I can't believe he is here; he is a miracle. I know he wouldn't have made it without the help of this wonderful Dr and the amazing support of Gianna Care, who still support me to this day. I really hope that abortion pill reversal will be available to every woman. We all deserve that choice.

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