Monica's Story

I hope my experience will give you courage.

I had a baby at nineteen years of age. I was going into my second year of college, and although I finished my second year (my son was born over spring break - can you imagine the looks I got when I returned to class? I didn't get very big, although my son was average size, and many people didn't even guess that I was pregnant, just looked big) - I took a year off of school after that to make some money and get out on my own. So after a year of working, I went back to school.I broke up with my child's father while I was still pregnant, because he did not treat me well enough, and I did not want to bring my child into a home with constant tension and people treating each other badly. I had always thought that he, the father, would change with a baby on the way, since I knew I would, but he did not. I knew my child and I would be better off alone, or at least without him. 

Anyway, life is a constant challenge, being a single parent and attending a university, but it is a beautiful one! Not only have I learned so much about myself and what I can accomplish, and have higher self-esteem because of it, my child is a beautiful, intelligent, and caring young boy.Being a single parent isn't necessarily ideal. 

However, I get to decide how to discipline, teach, and love my child. I am able to have confidence in my decisions because I have trained myself on parenting through books, magazines, the internet, and my minor field of study through school, which is Human Development and Family Studies. Presently, I have only one semester of undergraduate work before I graduate, and am planning on earning a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology. My dream is to earn a Ph.D. and have a private practice counselling adolescents.I know I can do it, although it may take me a little longer than people who are not parents. My son is thriving. He sees his father every other weekend. 

Single parenting isn't for everyone, but big things can be accomplished. I have never had so much appreciation for life, and am proud of myself for being idealistic and forming a small family where people respect each other and are listened to. I hope my story serves as an inspiration and maybe also a myth-debunker.


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