Rachel's Story

I found out I was pregnant in June 2021 and immediately went into panic mode. I told 1 person and that was it. I went to a clinic and they rechecked the test, yes it was positive! I remember breaking into a sweat, I honestly think I would have fallen down if I was standing. I was really shocked and not in a good place really at the time. The nurse at the clinic mentioned termination and how they did it there and if I wanted that option that it was available. Nothing else was offered at all, that was it and it all sounded so easy and then I can just return to normal life and just put this behind me.

Looking back now I just wish that I had have thought it through or even looked at what help was there. Instead that very same day I made a follow up appointment and before I knew it I was back in the same chair in front of the same nurse going through tablets and leaflets, it's all a little bit of a blur in many ways. I took the tablets and left. I was due to take more tablets the next day.

I lay awake for a long period that night and thought of what was happening in me and how I just wanted it to stop. I started to look up what was going on and Abortion pill Reversal came up. I rang the clinic the next day and they said once I had started I needed to take the other pill that day, nothing could be done. I rang the maternity hospital also. It took hours for someone to call me back but eventually a Dr did who said that they would scan me in 3 days and then prescribe progesterone if the baby had survived.

This made no sense to me but there was nothing else I could say. I went in for a scan on the Monday morning and there was no heartbeat. It was devastating, and to be honest I just knew it would be bad news. The sadness turned to anger as I researched more and realised that if I was given progesterone earlier there may be a different outcome now. It just breaks my heart. Why give it to me if the 1st tablet had not worked after 3 days? I know in other countries this is being done, why not here? I just a simple prescription could have been given to me, I could be feeling little kicks now instead of devastation and regret.

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