The Abortion that ruined my life.

Sinitta went to hell and back to have her children, suffering four miscarriages before trying IVF. After three failed attempts, they turned in desperation to a surrogate mother, Kerry West, and were ecstatic when she became pregnant using Andy's sperm and her eggs. But Kerry miscarried twice.The second time she had been carrying twins. Sinitta beat herself up, blaming what she now refers to as her 'wild' past.

Sinitta blames her 'wild past' and terminating a teenage pregnancy for her failed attempts at having children of her own : She said...

This is a divine punishment

This is the first time she has spoken about it with such candour, and only now in the belief that her honesty might help other young women. 'Not being able to carry my baby full-term was very hard,' she says. 'You just assume you'll have children. But I had surgery when I was younger, so my uterus is unable to take a pregnancy to full-term. I also terminated a pregnancy.

'At the time I did it, there was no counselling, nothing. I can remember thinking, "Actually, that wasn't too bad." I was surprised I could wake up the next day and carry on with my life, and nothing terrible had happened to me. You think you've got away with it, and it comes back to get you 20 or so years later, and you're like, "Wow, so that's the price I'm paying for what I did."

You have to think, I made a decision. Keep going. You have to be strong." Maybe my whole life would have been different if I hadn't had the termination. But there's no point going there. There were two paths and my life went down one.

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