Building a culture of life

Grow the movement - Get involved, help with Pro-life work, make a difference. Here's how:

1. Keep up with what's going on by 'liking' the YD page on Facebook and recommending us to your friends

2. View pro-life videos on our YouTube Channel and recommend them to your friends.

If you like some of our videos, help to get them watched by signing into your Youtube account then (1) click on the thumbs up 'Like' icon, (2) 'Comment', (3) add it_ to your 'Favorites' & then (4) 'Share' this video with others.

3. Send an evite to your friends from our site

4. Register for our weekly ezine to keep up to date with pro-life news and issues

5. Check out and recommend that to your friends

6. Below is a sample email that you can copy and paste and e-mail to your own circle of friends. It only takes 10 seconds, try to tell at least three other people:

Sample Email

Please take a moment to check out the pro-life work. You can help promote their  campaigns, and in the process, save mothers and their children from the abortion industry.

Check them out at and

7. Come to our conferences, training weekends and other events and learn how to change the culture!

8. Take part in one or more weekly activities - pro-life information sessions, work on campus, counselling, awareness projects and much more.

9. Read the newsletter, Solas, and other publications and circulate them to your friends

10. Are you gifted in particular area or have skills: public speaking, writing, design, video skills, law and advocacy, media relations, fundraising etc. If so, please lend us (and the unborn child!) your talents. We are always looking for more help and are building a list of skilled people that can help with future projects. So, if you can help, give us a shout!