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December, 23, 2021

What's this about?

A review of the year!

Happy new year and a look back at 2021 from Life Institute

This year saw 12 months of continuous pro-life initiatives, national events and significant campaigns as we worked to rebuild the culture together

It was a year when your perseverance in defence of the right to life of every human person produced dividends. 

After a long and sustained effort which saw millions of views and engagements  with Life Institute's Don't Assist Suicide campaign, a bill to legalise Assisted Suicide was rejected by an Oireachtas Committee. 


The Committee highlighted the huge number of submissions made by Life Institute supporters and highlighted the issue you raised: that Assisted Suicide is increasingly been seen as a way to cut healthcare costs.  


This issue has now been pushed to another Committee but you can take heart from the staunch opposition to Assisted Suicide from doctors and nurses, and that your work produced real results.   


With your help we also launched initiatives to make women aware that Abortion Pill reversal should be available as a real option, and called for the HSE to seriously examine this choice for women.

We also began our campaign to raise awareness about the Abortion Review - providing pro-lifers across the country with the information they needed to urge their TDs to examine appalling outcomes  of the abortion legislation. This year, we'll ramp up those efforts. 

On May 25th, thousands of you lit candles for all the babies lost to abortion and we gathered at the Dáil to show that #werememberthem. We will always stand for life.    

As we wrote: 3 years after Repeal we are glad we voted No - and the future belongs to those who love all their children. 



In the summer we had the Rally for Life - not just attracting thousands online with brilliant speakers from around the world - but making a huge impact in real life as a record 55 local rallies took place across the country in the public square. 

The Rally for Life has become a week of events, including the beautiful Vigils for Life, thank you for making that possible.

Together we spelled out the message - we will always stand for life because the most vulnerable amongst us needs our voice. 

In September, the documentary, Ireland's Fall: the Abortion Deception was launched to acclaim, revealing the media dishonesty, outside interference, and big tech meddling that helped to topple our pro life laws. Our target is to reach at least 500,000 with this powerful, insightful film. 

In October, thanks to your help, our Rethink Abortion bill boards went up around the country, attracting huge attention as they spelled out the truth about this cruel abortion regime.

Many people were shocked to see that abortion was anything but rare. Amongst the messages we received were those from people who said they felt betrayed and deceived and now regretted their Yes vote.

Our Rethink Abortion rally shone a light on all the cruel outcomes of the abortion bill, featuring impressive speeches from the pro-life TDs, the testimonies of women hurt by abortion, and the emotional voice of the child in the womb. 

Throughout the year we've led the way in bringing other important documentaries, such as the Fatal Flaws film on Assisted Suicide, which we sent to every TD, and held exclusive Irish premieres The Euthanasia Deception and the Pro-Life film 'Voiceless'.

And our social media campaigns, videos, news articles, and more have used sharp imagery and impactive statements to get public attention and change hearts and minds.

A huge shout out to all the young prolifers who are gathering together in the public square to restart a public witness for Life and against abortion. 

And the other platforms and people who have made such a huge difference this year should also be acknowledged. 

Pro-life TDs have provided a bold, compassionate and courageous voice against this cruel abortion regime, speaking out in the Dáil and proposing legislation to ensure pain relief for pre-born babies whose lives are being ended  by late-term abortion. 

Then there are the frontline heroes who work saving lives everyday with Every Life Counts and Gianna Care. 

And Gript Media has been a huge success story, covering the stories and asking the hard questions the rest of the media would rather ignore. 

So, a very Happy Christmas to you all. Nollaig Shona díbh go léir. 

Thank you for making everything we do together possible.

 Together we can rebuild this broken culture. We can see from what's in Texas and Poland the importance of keeping hope alive, of keeping the path lit and staying the course.

You are a voice for the voiceless. You make all the difference. We'll see you soon in the New Year. 


At a Glance


December, 23, 2021

What's this about?

A review of the year!