Stop late term abortion in Ireland

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A new study has revealed the full horror of late-term abortion in Ireland - and babies 'born alive' after abortion. 

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New research examining the practice of late-term abortion and feticide in Irish maternity hospitals paints a deeply disturbing picture of the horrific reality of Ireland’s recently established abortion regime.   

 The study shows that Irish doctors carrying out the procedure saw it as ‘brutal’, ‘awful’ and ‘emotionally difficult’ – referring to it as ‘stabbing the baby in the heart’.  It also found that Irish doctors are deeply divided on provision of late-term abortion, and that conflict and opposition arises frequently.   

“I remember getting sick out in the corridors afterwards because I thought it (feticide) was such an awful procedure and so dreadful,” one doctor is quoted as saying.  

Many people voted Yes to repeal in 2018 only did so because they were assured that late-term abortions would not take place - and that babies born alive after abortion would not be left struggling without care. In fact, pro-life people were called 'liars' for pointing out that this would happen and Minister Simon Harris refused amendments to the abortion legislation to deal with these deeply troubling issues. 



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Why we are sending the evidence to these late-term abortion deniers

WATCH: Senators Lynn Ruane indicated they didn't know about the research from UCC which revealed the shocking reality of late-term abortion in Ireland. So we bought copies of the study and sent it to them.  #StopStabbingBabiesInTheHeart

#WeStandforLife #StopAbortion #StopstabbingBabiesintheHeart

Late term abortion in Ireland

WATCH: STOP late-term abortion in Ireland. WATCH how a new study revealed the full horror of late abortion and babies born after abortion - in Irish hospitals. SHARE to grow the campaign to stop this happening.

#WeStandforLife #StopAbortion


Late term abortion in Ireland: Simon Harris was wrong on abortion survivors

WATCH: A new study has REVEALED that Irish doctors are "unclear" as to who should help babies "born alive" after abortion and are left "begging" for help. 

But Simon Harris was warned this would happen when he pushed his abortion bill through WITHOUT the amendments that guaranteed those babies care.




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UCC REPORThttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...


Dáil Debate on Select Health Committee: 7th November 2018: PDF


Dáil Debate on Select Health Committee: 7th November 2018: VIDEO


Irish babies are being born alive and left to die after abortions


Stabbing the baby in the heart. Doctors reveal about feticide in Irish hospitals feels like


Patricia Casey: Pro-life were called scaremongers but what we said would happen is happening

At a Glance



What's this about?

A new study has revealed the full horror of late-term abortion in Ireland - and babies 'born alive' after abortion.