The Exceptions Report

At a Glance

The report No Exceptions: Why Human Life Deserves our Respect, was published in December 2005.

It was posted to the priests of every parish in the country in January 2006. It was sent to doctors, TD's, bishops, academics, university lecturers, and consultative groups. It was also sent to all our members and supporters and to the wider pro-life community. The report, which was the result of many long months of research, writing, careful checking and design, is a crucial and important development.

The report explains and clarifies important issues. We drew on the most up-to-date research and internationally respected expert opinion. This is a text no pro-lifer should be without.

The report also contains a guide to assist in opposing the Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction (CAHR) recommendations, which, if implemented, would make Ireland one of the most liberal jurisdictions in the world allowing abuses of early human life.

At a Glance