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Unplanned movie first screenings in Ireland raises funds for GiannaCare 

The major box-office hit, Unplanned, had its first screenings in Ireland last week, with three sold-out showings in Dublin and Waterford. 

Each showing raised badly-needed funds for Giannacare which provides help and support for women with unexpected pregnancies. 

The powerful film evoked a huge response, with viewers telling Gript Media that they were deeply moved by the story of redemption and by its depiction of the reality of abortion. 

Unplanned tells the story of Abby Johnson who worked for eight years with America's largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, until she had a dramatic change of heart after witnessing an abortion.

Johnson was called in to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion for the first time in September 2009, and was distressed to note how much the unborn child looked like the image she had seen of her own daughter in the womb.

She then watched in horror as the baby, who she had argued was incapable of feeling anything, squirmed and twisted to avoid the abortion instrument. It was a moment of reckoning that the movie sums up as "what she saw changed everything".

The movie was an major success in the US, becoming the fourth-highest grossing film in the country on its opening weekend.  

GiannaCare says it is committed to providing compassion, accurate information and support to anyone facing a pregnancy or in need after an abortion, and to "remove or at least minimise the barriers for women and their families preventing them from continuing their pregnancy"



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