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PR: Overturn of Roe v Wade step forward for human rights, Ireland will follow 

Pro life group, the Life Institute, has joined with organisations across the country in welcoming the reversal of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade.

Spokeswoman Megan Ní Scealláin said that 50 years of framing abortion as a constitutional right had failed women and caused millions of babies to be lost to a false premise of choice. 

She said that Roe v Wade had led abortion to become a default option for society who had failed to offer women real supports and forced them to bear the burden of ending their child's life alone.

"The reversal of Roe v Wade has sent a powerful message - to the United States and the world - that society must turn its back on abortion and instead build a system of real choices based on compassion."

"In contrast to what the establishment in Ireland are claiming, abortion does not empower women, and reversing Roe v Wade will not diminish women. Instead, this decision should prompt our own government as well as Joe Biden's administration to seek better solutions for women, and challenge men to rethink their behavior and their responsibilities," Ms Ní Sceallaín said. 

"There is so much to agree with in the ruling" she added. "Yes, Roe was "egregiously wrong" from the start. Yes, it was deeply damaging. Yes, some of its supporters were motivated by eugenic and racist views - and, yes, a highly disproportionate percentage of aborted babies are black." 

"Most of all, the Roe decision was wrong because it treated unborn children, human beings at the beginning of their lives, as non-persons - as something that could be killed for any reason and none, and that decision has been devastating for women and babies," the Life Institute spokeswoman said. 

"The US Supreme Court ruled that ' the inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions',  and we believe that the same could be said for Ireland. We have lost our way in taking away the right to life of the most vulnerable of our citizens but today shows that bad decisions can be overturned," she added. 

"In time, Ireland will follow," she said. "We will overturn our abortion laws. They are cruel and inhumane, and both mother and child deserve better. This ruling shows the power of perseverance, of never giving up, of keeping the path lit, because abortion has no place in a truly compassionate society." 

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