• Should Philip Nitschke been allowed on the Late Late show to promote assisted suicide?

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    • Yes
    • 11%


    • No
    • 89%


Nitschke was back in Ireland last week, having only departed it two weeks previously, - his flight and expenses paid for by you, via RTÉ, so that he could avail of a huge platform on the Late Late Show. There was no opposing guest on the panel when dealing with the issue. A few people were allowed to make some short remarks from the audience, but most of the section was given over to Nitschke and his promotion of suicide.

Amongst the television audience that night, there is no doubt that there were vulnerable people who don't really listen to the intricacies of the debate but simply hear someone on the national broadcaster arguing in favour of suicide.

This crass decision by RTÉ comes at a time when we're losing more than 600 Irish people a year due to suicide, and every case is a tragedy which leaves families devastated. Allowing Nitschke's reckless and dangerous promotion of suicide will surely lead directly to the death of people in this country.

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