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    Should Simon Harris resign over his handling of the abortion misdiagnosis scandal?

RTE reported today that the parents did not fear caring for a very sick child, but were told their baby had a "fatal abnormality". 

The couple told RTÉ News: "We did not take the steps to terminate lightly and we were not scared of the prospect of caring or loving a very sick child. We were told this was a 'fatal foetal abnormality'."

The devastated family have previously said that they never raised the issue of abortion, that doctors insisted there was "no hope" for their baby, and they were told not to wait for the results of a diagnostic test as it would make 'no difference'. 

In fact, when the test came back it showed that the baby was perfectly healthy. By then, however, the child had already been aborted. 

Simon Harris is the Minister for Health and ultimately any review or investigation would be his perogative. The parents have been told there will be no review. 

Should Simon Harris resign over this case?

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