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Irish pro-aborts ask for US help to introduce abortion

Abortion campaigners, including representatives from the abortion industry and the former deputy Labour leader, Liz McManus, yesterday appealed to powerful US interests to help legalise abortion in Ireland. 

The Irish Times reported that members of the Irish delegation included Dawn Purvis, Member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland; Liz McManus, Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in the Republic of Ireland; Niall Behan, Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association; and Audrey Simpson, Director of the Family Planning Association in Northern Ireland.

The event was hosted by Representative Louise Slaughter and Representative Diana DeGette and organised by Catholics for Choice - the tiny pro-abortion grouping which receives substantial funding from billionaire currency speculator George Soros. According to the Irish Family Panning Association's website speakers "appealed to those in attendance to use any influence they had on the Government, and the Northern Ireland Executive."

Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute said that the event "revealed that the abortion industry and its fellow travellers repeatedly sought to use foreign courts, bodies, and influences to foist abortion on Ireland."

She said that, almost twenty years after the X case, despite the wealth and power of the abortion industry, the Irish people continued to express their opposition to abortion. "We can see how international abortion providers and campaigners are collaborating to attack Ireland," she said.

"But the pro-life movement, which represents the majority of the Irish people, is ready, willing and able to protect our mothers and babies."

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