Biography: Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba

Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba 

Mexican celebrity Eduardo Verastegui was born José Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba in 1974. After studying law for a time, Verástegui decided to instead try his hand at modeling, acting and singing. Following many modeling engagements with prominent fashion organisations such as Versace and Calvin Klein and a period with the popular pop band Kairo, Eduardo broke into the Mexican soap opera scene in 1997, and also appeared in several spanish-speaking feature-length movies and music videos such as Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’.  Voted as one of the ‘most beautiful people in the world’ and cited as ‘the fastest rising Latino star’, the Mexican actor changed his mind about his celebrity lifestyle after he discovered it was making him unhappy. Of his time in the entertainment industry, Eduardo said: “I lost perspective of what is good and what is bad. I felt uneasy, I didn’t feel inner peace, I didn’t feel satisfaction. I did some introspection and overviewed my career. I discovered I was a singer and actor just for shallow and frivolous reasons. As if it was just for the women and the money.” Eduardo has now made the conscious decision to move away from his ‘heart-throb’ image and concentrate on film roles which respect both men and women. “I have twelve years of a successful career under my belt, but I only experienced emptiness, lies and illusions until now.”