What We Do

Youth Defence exposes our hypocrisies and what we do to our unborn 

 John Drennan, Irish Independent, 1996

Ireland's pro-life roadshow changes hearts and minds on abortion and the right to life

Since we are activists, our strategies and projects involve Direct Action - bringing truthful information about abortion to those who need it most.

That can mean handing someone a leaflet on the street, talking to a woman with a crisis pregnancy, organising an event in college, running a website on the development of the baby in the womb, or any variation on the above.

It has been said that abortion is the world's best-kept secret because abortion campaigners continually deny the humanity of the unborn child and the real nature of abortion.

Save the 8th Petition Signing

Our pro-life work helps to cut through masses of well-funded, pro-abortion propaganda. Huge numbers of Irish people have reconsidered their position on abortion because they recognise the truth when it's presented to them fairly and honestly. That truth is that abortion kills a baby, harms a mother and profits the abortion industry. There is always a better way of dealing with a crisis pregnancy.

At the Viva la Vida! training workshops

We don't mind getting into debates about abortion. If people think its worth arguing over they must believe it's an important principle. Having a social conscience is a good thing

Young people are an effective voice in defence of unborn children and mothers. 

Vigil for Life

Over 30,000 people met in Merrion Square to tell Enda Kenny to keep his pro-life promise

Direct Action is the basis for the pro-life strategies of Education, Public Demonstration, Campaigning, Communicating, and Lobbying.