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April, 26, 2023


KEEP the 3-day wait before abortion - and save up to 1,000 babies a year

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Contact your TD and SIGN the petition

Contact your TD

YOUR voice matters. Abortion supporters are pushing hard to scrap the 3-day wait before abortion - even though data from the HSE shows it likely saves up to 1,000 babies a year. 

But TDs are already saying that they are worried voters are opposed to scrapping the 3-day wait - because that would 'renege' on promises made in the referendum. 

So they need to hear from YOU today. 

Tell YOUR TD that: 

  1. The 3-day wait means less abortions according to the HSE's own data - so it MUST be retained
  2. Voters were told the 3-day wait was a 'safeguard' in the referendum - and promised it would be part of the law. 
  3. You can ALSO tell your TD that you are informing other voters that this promise MUST be kept

Find details for your TD below - Please call or email them TODAY. 


Contact Details for TDs

Write, Email or Phone Your TD

The most impactive thing you can do is to visit your local TD in their clinic. If you are not in a position to do so, a handwritten letter to your TD can also be effective, or a phone call or email. The bottom line is to make sure your TD knows your views on the issue. See below for useful information in helping to write an email, letter, or make a phone call to your TD about retaining the 3 Day Wait.


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Sign the petition

Add YOUR voice to this petition urging Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin to make sure the 3-day period of reflection before an abortion is RETAINED. With a shocking 8,156 abortions in 2022, the government should be focused on reducing those rocketing numbers, not driving them up further. 

Data from the HSE shows that an average of 1,000 women a year do not return for an abortion after the 3-day wait. For example, in 2021, there were 8,284 initial consultations regarding abortion - but the number of completed abortions was recorded at 6,683. That means 1,600 women did not proceed. 

The 3-day wait gives women to think - it helps them to choose life instead of abortion. As Doctors for Life said, scrapping that time to think would not just be a betrayal of voters, but a dereliction of duty to women and babies. 

Most reasonable people will think fewer abortions is a GOOD thing - especially now that it has been confirmed that the number of abortions in Ireland jumped a shocking 25% in 2022 - with 8,156 abortions in that year.

And many voters - even many YES voters - remember that Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar and others promised that the 3-day wait would be part of the abortion law in the 2018 referendum. 

Let's hold them to that promise. SIGN the petition today. 




More Information

IN 2018, voters were told by both Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Tánaiste Simon Coveney - and others in  the Yes campaign -  that abortion would only be legal under "strict guidelines" including a 3 day period of reflection for a woman seeking abortion.

But, now abortion campaigners want to SCRAP the 3-day wait, even though data suggests it saves up to 1,000 babies every year. Women need that time to think - and they need YOU to speak up so that they have time to choose life over abortion.    



You see, like many people, you may be shocked at the huge rise in abortion in Ireland. There were 6,666 abortions in the first year alone - and more than 31,000 have now taken place in 4.5 years - with 8,156 abortions in 2022 according to the Department of Health.

But according to figures released by the HSE, about 1,000 women change their mind on average during the 3-day reflection period, and don't return to take the abortion pills. 

So scrapping the 3-day wait would PREVENT women choosing life - and make the abortion rate rise further. 

In 2018, Tánaiste Simon Coveney promised voters that abortion would only be legal under "strict guidelines" including a 3 day period of reflection for a woman seeking abortion. 

In fact, he and other Yes leaders, like Leo Varadkar, used the promise of the 3-day wait to convince people to support repeal. 

Don't let them break that promise. Call your TD TODAY.  



When a woman goes to a GP or a clinic seeking an abortion, the doctor is obliged under law to ask her to take 3 days to think about the decision. 

In 2018, Simon Coveney said that he would not have supported a Yes vote without the 3-day wait because the time for reflection showed "the magnitude of the decision to terminate a pregnancy". 

Since then, information released to Carol Nolan TD  shows that up to 1,000 women every year change their mind in those 3-days. Women need that time to think.

Doctors for Life noted that in 2021: “The state made 8,284 payments for initial consultations regarding abortion with GPs and clinics, but in that period there were a much lower number of completed abortions, recorded at 6,683. That means 1,601 women did not return for an abortion after the 3-day wait. A small number may have sadly miscarried but it certainly looks as if the 3-day wait is leading to fewer abortions – something most reasonable people would welcome.”

According to the HSE,  there were 8,057 initial consultations for Termination of Pregnancy services in 2020. In that year, the Department also confirmed that 6,577 abortions were carried out. That suggests that more than 1,400 women appear to have changed their mind and did not go ahead with an abortion during the 3-day period. 

That means that 18.4% – or almost one in 5 women – did not proceed with an abortion after the initial consultation. 

Similarly, in 2019, some 7,536 initial consultations were provided while 6,666 abortions took place, suggesting that some 870 women or 11.5% changed their mind during the 3 day waiting period.

Medical experts say that "this data offers a hugely important insight that must not be ignored. There are very few Irish people, whether healthcare professionals or otherwise, who would welcome an increase in the number of abortions taking place. If women are finding support for an unexpected pregnancy during the 3-day wait, then that should be welcomed."

 But now abortion campaigners want to SCRAP the 3 day wait. Why would we scrap a law that might HELP women keep their baby?  CALL YOUR  TD TODAY and tell them that they must keep the 3-day wait. No-one wants 1,000 more abortions to take place.


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At a Glance


April, 26, 2023

Whats this about?

KEEP the 3-day wait before abortion - and save up to 1,000 babies a year

What you can do

Contact your TD and SIGN the petition