Rally for Life 2023 VoxPops

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July, 01, 2023


Next Date 6 July 2024

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Vox pops from the 2023 Rally

Vox Pops

Why you joined the Rally for Life on the 1st of July, watch!


"We are here to say that every life matters and has value"


"We have a duty to do what we can, when we can, to defend life


"Its important to show the strength of pro-life feeling and that the issue is not gone away"


"Its so important to fight for life"


"My pro-life commitment is renewed at the all Ireland Rally for Life"


"We stand in solidarity to show that human life matters"


"We must stand up for life"


"I support the right to life, the most fundamental right"


"We must support women and children and protect the 3 day wait"


"Babies are a gift and we must protect them"


"Let Women choose life"


"The abortion figures are appalling" "We are aborting our future"

At a Glance

Rally for Life

July, 01, 2023

July 2023

Next Date 6 July 2024

Vox pops from the rally

Vox pops from the 2023 Rally