Rally for Life 2024

At a Glance


July, 06, 2024


Dublin City Centre!

What's this about?

The annual All-Ireland rally for life which takes place on alternative dates in Belfast and Dublin. Dublins date is Saturday, 6th of July 2024

Dublin: Saturday: 6th July @ 1.30pm

Join thousands at the biggest and most EXCITING pro-life event of the year – the All-Ireland RALLY FOR LIFE – as pro-life people from across the country join together to Stand for Life. 

We’re marching to demand the government acts as the heartbreaking rise in abortions continues - 10,000 abortions in 2023 alone. We're joining together to demand they look at life-saving measures like support for women; extending the 3-day wait period; and a Heartbeat Bill. 

JOIN with people of all ages, with family and friends, to show the government and the Nation that we must STOP ABORTING OUR FUTURE - and love both mother and child. 

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Rally for Life 2024



 Keep a watch out for new speakers!


Kaya Jones

Kaya has described in stark terms how she believes the music industry controls and abuses young women, including pressuring them into having an abortion. She also gives an important insight into how a culture which does not value human life, and sees unborn babies as disposable, leads to women having multiple abortions and then living with the sad and heart-breaking consequences. 

She has been outspoken about her past abortions, including being pressured into undergoing one while she was a former member of The Pussycat Dolls. Years later, she found faith in Jesus Christ and began sharing her story with the hope that it would change lives.

"If I could genuinely say, what I would hope for, is that women would hear my testimony and choose differently," Jones has said.

"But once you've crossed that line, you can do it again. And that's why women are susceptible to two and three abortions and even more," she said.

By sharing her story, Jones hopes it will inspire others to share their stories of abortion regret as well, including men who regret helping women get abortions.

"I can't tell you how many messages I get from men that are like, ‘Hi, I heard your story and I paid for one. And I really feel bad that I did that. I really feel bad that I pressured her into getting an abortion,’" she said. "The amount of men that have regret that I hear from is astounding. So I hope more men in the public eye can speak on this."

She also hopes her story serves as a strong warning to young women who find themselves in unwanted pregnancies.

The singer believes there needs to be more education given to women about the unintended consequences of abortion. She likened the warnings about cancer risks on packets of cigarettes to the kind of warning labels she thinks should come on abortion pills or at clinics.

After being "broken and bruised" by her past choices, Jones says her faith has helped her see a new version of herself. The now 38-year-old said her relationship with Jesus and prayer is what led her to come to terms with her abortions, although she insisted that you “never get over it”. 

The Canadian born singer-songwriter believes there is a need for society to take a hard look at the messages it promotes about beauty, fame, and success, and what it tells women about abortion.

The singer experienced an epiphany during a Pussycat Dolls performance, during which she says she spotted two little girls in the crowd watching her with a huge adoration. “At that moment, I was going through an abortion,” she recalled. “I’m losing my child in real time." She said that she was caught in a lie in that moment. "I was living in my worst self.” 

Kaya now says: “Children are a blessing from God,” she says. “I hope to one day be able to be a mom, I hope to be a wife and get to be able to share what I do believe is the greatest gift, and ultimately the greatest job you’ll ever have on this planet as a woman, to be a mother.” 

We urge you to make sure you don't miss the chance to hear Kaya's testimony and save the date for this year's Rally for Life.




Niamh Uí Bhriain

Chairwoman of the Life Institute, Niamh is a veteran pro-life activist for nearly 30 years and a prolific commentator on right to life issues

 “We need to rebuild a culture when it is so broken that abortion is seen as a solution.”

Vicky Wall

Vicky Wall is mother to baby Líadán who was diagnosed in utero with Trisomy 18. “Líadán is our precious daughter. Her short life taught us all so much about love & family and about what’s important in life,” she says. Vicky does amazing work with Every Life Counts, a support network for families who have received a diagnosis that their child may not live long after birth.   

“Every baby is precious and deserves all our love”. 

Carol Nolan, TD

Carol Nolan is a highly-regarded Independent TD for Offaly who courageously left her former party last year because of its refusal to allow pro-life elected members to vote on the abortion issue according to their conscience. Carol will urge pro-life women at the Rally to become a powerful voice in Irish politics so that pro-life views can be represented in Dáil Éireann. 

Bernie Smyth, President Precious Life

Bernadette Smyth, Founder and Director of Precious Life, is a pro-life activist for over 20 years now. She regularly appears on TV and radio as a pro-life commentator and is instrumental in saving hundreds of babies through crisis pregnancy initiatives in the North of Ireland

“We need to make abortion unthinkable - all mothers and babies need is love” 

More speakers to be added soon, keep checking back!



Getting There

Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square is situated at the top of O’Connell Street

On Foot

Head north on O’Connell Bridge toward Bachelors Walk/R105/R148 Continue onto O’Connell Street Lower and Upper Turn right onto Parnell St, continue onto Parnell Square, Garden of Remembrance is on your left


Getting there by Car from the M50

Take the N1 exit toward City Centre/Dublin Port. Continue onto N1. Turn left onto Gardiner Street Upper/R802Continue to follow R802 Turn right onto Parnell St/R803Continue to follow Parnell St. Turn right onto Parnell Square West


Getting there by Public Transport

Lots of busses and the Luas service Dublin City Centre and O’Connell Street

Busses (this will be updated regularly) PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL, Please ring!


BELFAST Call 07592280522 to book your seats.


The All Ireland Rally for Life is supported by:

  • 40 Days for Life
  • Bunclody for Life
  • Choose Life Cavan
  • Cork Life Institute
  • Divine Mercy Conference
  • Donegal Pro-life
  • Dun Laoghaire Pro-life
  • Dungarvan for Life
  • Every Life Counts
  • Family & Life
  • Fingal for Life
  • Galway Pro-Life Action
  • Gianna Care
  • The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants 
  • Kerry Life and Family
  • Kildare Pro-Life Action
  • Laois for Life
  • Leitrim for Life
  • Life Institute
  • Limerick for Life
  • Louth Pro-Life Network
  • Meath for Life
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro Life movement
  • Precious Life
  • Pro-Life Trust
  • Pro-Life Wexford
  • Roscommon Pro-life Action
  • Stanton Health Care
  • St. Joseph's Prayer Group
  • Tipperary Pro-life
  • Tyrone Pro-Life Network
  • Vigils for Life
  • Waterford for Life
  • Youth Defence
  • Youth for Life NI



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Leaflets at the Rally


The All Ireland Rally for Life is the largest annual national pro-life event in Ireland which seeks to protect the right to life of every person. It does not espouse any other cause or platform and the organisers ask all participants to participate in a spirit of generosity to unborn children and women with unexpected pregnancies. 

We ask all those in attendance to support the aim and message of the day. With that in mind, we ask that materials and leaflets pertaining to other causes, events or organisations are not distributed on the day.




At a Glance

Rally for Life

July, 06, 2024


Dublin City Centre!

What's this about?

The annual All-Ireland rally for life which takes place on alternative dates in Belfast and Dublin. Dublins date is Saturday, 6th of July 2024