Looking at abortion from the child's perspective

Abortion, in some form, has existed in the human race for millennia. In ancient Rome, which was deemed the most civilized society at the time, abortion was common place with calls for the "clever, Greek doctor" to get rid of the 'problem.'

Ancient tribes would sometimes be forced to move quickly, and pregnant women could slow the entire tribe down. Abuse of the woman's abdomen, and later abuse through excessive horseback riding, could cause the baby to be born prematurely. This baby was then either killed or left to die. The mother may also have died during the birthing. Today abortion is safer for the mother, but just as deadly to the child.

The fact is that the woman is not the only one affected. Abortion kills an unborn child. A society that allows abortion is denying the most fundamental human right - the right to life - to one group of human beings, the unborn.

The child has no choice

The "right to choose" may sound desirable, but whether it is desirable or not depends on what the choice is about. Very few people these days would say a man should have the right to choose to beat up his wife. Most feminists would deny employers the right to choose their employees on the basis of gender. Most people would agree with a law denying women the right to choose to abuse their children.

Our right to choose in so many areas is limited by the more fundamental rights of other people, and most people accept this. It is not surprising that those calling for the "right to choose" with regard to abortion, are already born. You can be guaranteed if they were to be targeted in a hate or anialation campaign, the word "choice" would disappear.

In this section, we dispell the myths re aborting disabled children, sex-selection and other issues. We also look at a memorial for children murdered by abortion.