Ben Stein

American actor Ben Stein, is best known for his cameo appearances in films such as his role as the lecturer in the cult classic, "Ferris Buller's Day Off." He is also a writer, lawyer, and commentator on political and economic issues. Stein is a pro-life activist and was given a Pro-Life Award in 2003 by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund.

Ben Stein: "I would not be on any other side of this issue than the side I'm on. This is the side that is pro-woman – - we try to save the lives of 700,000 women a year, and save millions more from humiliation, embarrassment, dereliction, and breast cancer. This is the side that is pro-man – - we try to save the lives of 700,000 young men a year, and try to save the fathers who are involved in the horrible decision to abort from shame, humiliation, and disaster. This is the side that is pro-freedom – - we're for the freedom of a human being to be. We are on the side against the totalitarians who say that a Jew or a Catholic does not have the right to be – - it's the same thing when you say that a baby does not have the right to be.

He continued, 

Every baby that is conceived has the right to be; that is a basic. And I will tell you something that I never felt before in my heart until this year: I feel strongly that the tide is turning in our favor... one of the best, most important ways to give your life meaning and to live a decent life is to value life when it's old, when it's infirm, when it's a different skin color, when it's a different race, when it's a different sex, when it's a different religion, whether it's born or unborn – - and if you value life when it's unborn, you set a standard for valuing life and for giving dignity to life that will stick with you and the society forever.

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