Margaret Colin

Actress, Margaret Colin, has appeared in Three Men and a Baby and the sci-fi blockbuster, Independence Day, and on TV in Chicago Hope, Now and Again and Madigan Men. A pro-life activist since her teens , Margaret credits her parents with empowering her and her siblings to promote pro-life values. At a Congressional Briefing in Washington DC on July 17, 2002, Margaret spoke about abortion. Following are excerpts:

"We marched here to support all women and to protest the violence against them, legislated by Roe v. Wade. And while many will remember the 40 million [aborted] American children that were never born, I want us to also remember the 25 million women and girls in America today who have personally experienced an abortion."

"And we remember the women who have been rendered infertile or died from legal but lethal abortions…This is violence against women…This is the failure of our American society to help and protect women."

"The 1970's women's movement robbed us of our political birthright by changing the feminist platform to support abortion…Abortion hasn't fixed the litany of problems that women were promised would be resolved." Colin encourages others to defend the unborn, "You have to be brave -- the one who speaks out for a baby so she or he can come into this life."

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