Telling Your Parents

One of the greatest problems a young can woman face, if she thinks she's pregnant is, 

"How do I tell my parents? I'm afraid they will kill me!" 

First, know that everyone gets mad from time to time and as the saying goes, 

"Time heals all wounds"

But people need time to think; to talk to other friends and loved ones; to ask for guidance; to examine themselves and the situation; to rethink...maybe even stay mad for a while...and then hopefully calm down and learn to accept the situation.

Each case is different

Crisis Pregnancy counsellors tell time and time again how in each and every case, in time the parents came to accepting the situation. In the most difficult of situations; a second out of wedlock baby, a mother of only 13 or 14 years old, even in these tough cases, the parents eventually were reunited with their daughters. With time, patience, kindness, and understanding on the part of the pregnant woman towards her parents. With knowledge and information, eventually each and every parent learned to accept the pregnancy and the baby. Sometimes it took longer than other times. Sometimes it takes until after the baby is born, but more often than you would believe, the parents accepted the daughter and began to show their love a lot quicker than their daughters would ever believe.

Your parents will come around

Basically, don't worry. Your parents will come around. They all do!!! 

The most important thing is that you are healthy and being looked after. Telling your parents early on in pregnancy will save you a lot of stress and heartache further on down the line. You might want to select a counselor, a priest or a friend to be with you when you tell your parents. Think of an adult that you trust, love and respect. Maybe an aunt or one of your mother's friends, someone who would be willing to help you and be there with you when you tell your parents. Maybe it would be best to have this special person tell your loved ones first and then you could meet with them all together. Maybe you just can't find the courage to speak, but you can write a letter and hand it to them when your special friend is willing to be with you and your parents.When you are speaking to your mother and father, let your parents know you love them and that you are very sorry that you might be hurting them. They may shout and not appear to be listening, but I promise you they are hearing every word. Remember this is a shock and it will take time and patience to help your family to understand your situation.Print out the materials in this website and have them available to help explain. These materials will help to inform and educate your parents. Even if they already know all the information on this website, sharing it with them will show them that you have been thinking and planning just what to say and do.