Sexual Assault

Rape - A terrible crime 

Every woman has the right to say NO and rape is a terrible violation of women. Rapists try to justify their crimes by saying things like:

She really wanted it.

Girls say no when they really mean yes

She wouldn't have gone out if she hadn't intended to have sex

She wanted it but just didn't want to admit it

This is simply an attempt to justify a crime. There are too many misconceptions about rape

When a woman says no, the answer is NO!

Victim is severely damaged

Rape is a terrible crime of violence against women. This appalling and destructive violation leaves the victim severely damaged. Sometimes she is physically damaged, more often emotionally. Anger, fear, guilt, disgust and loss of self-esteem will afflict her. Survivors know it as a major crime against women worldwide. Its victims are much more likely to know (and trust) the perpetrator involved and are likely to be in the 15-25 age bracket. The effects are long term and can leave a victim's life torn apart.  

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common problem. The crime affects not only the primary victim, but spreads to include significant others, friends and can even impact distant family members. The devastation for the victim can be far reaching and the conviction rate is poor because not all rapes are reported.