What to do if you were raped?

Go to a friend 

This is not the time to be alone. At the very least, you need emotional support. If there is no one to go to, then call someone you can talk to, no matter how late it is.

Get medical attention

Do not shower or clean yourself first. As soon as possible, go to a hospital to be examined and treated for possible venereal disease. You may have internal injuries which you are not aware of. If you press charges, physical specimens collected soon after the rape will be valuable evidence.

Report the attack to police

Have someone go with you. You can go the next day, but the sooner the better. Rarely do rapists attack one woman only; they continue to do it. If you turn him in, you may break that pattern and save someone else from being attacked.

Get help and support, such as counselling

You have been through a trauma and need help to deal with the situation and with your feelings. 

Women who get counselling get over their experiences faster and with fewer lasting effects than those who get no help.

Do not blame yourself

Some people assume that men are expected to ask for sex and the woman is responsible for giving permission for sex. Some people may also blame the victim and offer little or no sympathy. They are trying to distance themselves from what happened. If you find you are blaming yourself for what happened, it is helpful to go to a counsellor. You need to be reassured that you are not to blame; the rapist is.