Abortion doesn't help

Victims need real support not a quick-fix solution like abortion

Rape is a terrible crime against women. Victims need our support and sympathy. We should be doing a great deal more to protect and help them. But abortion, like rape, is by its nature a destructive act. To abort an unborn child conceived by rape is to respond to violence against one innocent victim (the woman) with violence against another innocent victim (the unborn child).Abortion will not necessarily help the victim deal with the trauma of her rape. As abortion itself can give rise to severe psychological disturbance, it may only compound her problems. Society's easy assumption that abortion is in the woman's best interest may reflect an attitude that sees the rape victim as 'unclean' and abortion as necessary to 'cleanse' her of rape's stain. Unfortunately, once the pregnancy is 'fixed up' by the abortion, the anger, guilt, fear and low self-esteem related to the rape may be ignored. 

Ending the pregnancy regretted

The research shows that nearly all the women who ended the pregnancy with abortion regretted that decision. Conversely, those who gave birth to their child were all happy they did. 

I thank God for the strength He gave me to go through the bad times and for all the joy in the good times, I will never regret that I chose to give life to my daughter. 

said Mary Murray, who gave birth to a child conceived in rape. 

Likewise, children conceived through rape and incest praise their mothers for giving them life.