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C-case woman to take legal case against the State

The woman at the centre of the C case is to take a case against the State. The Irish Independent reports that: 

"Today, Mary is a 29-year-old mother of two, but 16 years ago she was the teenage Traveller at the centre of the controversial C Case who was taken to the UK for an abortion by health board staff after being brutally raped.

The abortion led to a spiral of depression and chaos in her life.

Now Mary is seeking answers from the State. She has acquired a legal team and is waiting for her medical records to be released.

In the days after the rape, social workers arrived at Mary's caravan in north Dublin and took her away. She believed she would be home again in 24 hours.

She was taken to Mullingar and placed in foster care with another Traveller family. Slowly, the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months. Before long, she realised nobody was coming to take her home.

Around this time, she developed severe hunger pangs and frequent vomiting. She had no idea what was wrong until one day her foster mother took her to the local GP where she was asked for a urine sample.

The next morning, she was told she was pregnant. She was bewildered. "I said: 'What's pregnant?'" she recalls. "They said 'you are having a baby'. I didn't understand how I could be. A few weeks later, they came and took me on a plane to London.

"The next day, I was taken to a building. All I remember next was being wheeled on a trolley and screaming with the pain.

"They gave me an injection, and when I woke up, the pain had gone. Eventually they told me the baby was dead."


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