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Conceived in Rape: Pam Stenzel addresses Stormont

Precious Life organised a special meeting in Parliament Buildings in Belfast for Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly to hear the testimony of Pam Stenzel. 

Pam Stenzel is founder of ENLIGHTEN COMMUNICATIONS in Minnesota; and a member of “Save the 1” - a new group in the USA aimed at educating politicians on the issues surrounding rape and abortion. 

The event held in the Senate Chamber was hosted by the All Party Pro-Life Group of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Pam shared her powerful, personal testimony of how she was conceived through rape. 

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m pro-life …except in cases of rape” or “I’m pro-choice …especially in cases of rape”. But with love and compassion, Pam explained to the Assembly Members why abortion is never the best choice for women, even in cases of pregnancy through rape. 

Following her talk, Pam answered the Assembly Members’ questions on this emotive issue. 

With the abortion issue currently so prominent in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, it was important that our elected representatives heard from a real person who had been conceived in rape to enable them to see her as more than an unfortunate statistic. As Pam says - it's easier to change people’s hearts when they can put a face to the issue. 

Pam will be the keynote speaker at Precious Life’s “International Conference for Life” in Belfast on Saturday 11th May. For details of how to register for the conference, please contact Precious Life on 02890278484


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