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Save every child from abortion: because no one should be forgotten

In America, where abortion has been raging on for years, there has become varying "degrees" of pro-life belief, especially within the political arena. This was made evident by Mitt Romney, who claimed to be pro-life but believes abortion is acceptable in cases such as rape or incest. Save the 1 is a new pro-life organization focusing on these forgotten unborn children who were conceived in rape and the women who are effected by this situation.

The mission of Save the 1 is straightforward and aims to remove abortion exceptions from the law beginning with the Hyde Amendment, which excludes abortion from comprehensive healthcare services provided to low income people by the federal government. The Hyde Amendment does make exceptions for cases of rape or incest. This amendment is unique and considered a "rider" meaning that each year it can be changed or not be included based on Congress's actions. Save the 1 is in a continual battle to protect children conceived in rape.


The educational resources this organization aims to provide to 100 percent pro-life politicians fills a unique niche that is desperately needed. After Todd Akin and other male politicians' recent gaffes regarding abortion and rape, the work of Save the 1 is invaluable. The abortion industry frequently uses the "rape exception" to push abortion and spin it as a compassionate option for victimized women, which makes it a necessity to have articulate individuals to counter these false claims. The abortion regime also pounces on the errors made by pro-life politicians turning them into enemies against women. There is no room for errors in this debate and Save the 1 is committed to making sure they do not occur.

This organization is also giving women who have been affected by rape a voice. The abortion industry constantly claims that women want abortion after rape and it is the best option for them. In reality, the real voices of these horrible circumstances paint a much different picture. These stories make one wonder if the abortion industry has ever talked to a rape victim, such as Ashley Sigrest, who chose to abort her unborn child, which caused her life to spin out of control.

As reported by LifeSiteNews.com, Ashely states, "I have met women like myself who were raped and chose abortion who live in such regret ... and so many of them are so ashamed that they're to afraid to speak out."

Save the 1 is making these voices available since both the abortion industry and mainstream media continues to ignore them. Along with a variety of resources to educate people, from essays to videos, speakers are available to share their experiences. Women like Rebecca Kiessling, Director of Save the 1 who was conceived in rape and Rebekah Berg, who became pregnant through rape, are powerful witnesses that society must hear. Because not even one should be forgotten.

by Margot la Penta

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