Send Baby Hope a Get Well Card

Send a message of hope to the tiny baby struggling for life after being deliberately born prematurely under Fine Gael's abortion act. You can sign an online 'Get Well' message here right now!

Baby Hope was unnecessarily delivered prematurely at 25 weeks, and now faces a lifetime of medical complications – all because of Fine Gael’s Abortion Act, which forces doctors to end pregnancies where there is no medical basis to do so.

Fine Gael ignored the expert evidence that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal thoughts in pregnancy. Baby Hope’s mother should have received correct and evidence-based medical care to treat her mental health suffering, and not the death or forced delivery of her baby. 

This is the direct result of Fine Gael’s Abortion Act. A tiny baby in ICU is struggling for life. A mistreated woman, who did not receive the proper, evidenced based medical care she needed. 

Women and children deserve better than this. 

Send Baby Hope a message of love and support today. We all hope and pray this little baby makes it.

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