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Abortion used to cover up rape in Irish abuse case

New, shocking details have emerged surrounding the case of notorious swim coach and accused sex offender George Gibney.

Gibney is the former coach for the Irish national swim team.  In 1993, Gibney was charged with 27 counts of indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge against several young athletes.  Charges were later dropped as too long a time had passed between the alleged attacks and the date which charges were filed.


Now new details have emerged as one of Gibney's alleged victims has recounted how, at the age of 17, she became pregnant following being raped by Gibney and was subsequently hustled to England for an abortion in order to cover up the rape.

The Sunday Times reports, "She said Gibney raped her in a Florida hotel room during a training camp when she was 17. She discovered three months later that she was pregnant and she told the official, who is a professional person and knew Gibney."

The story continues, "She said the official obtained air travel tickets and accompanied her to England. She believes she was taken to an abortion clinic in London and remembers the official giving her pills that made her groggy during the trip."

This case is incredibly heart breaking. Not only was this young girl taken advantage of in such a horrific way but she was subject to additional abuse by the swimming official who drugged her and had her child aborted in order to cover up the heinous crime.

Unfortunately, this case is not unusual. Abortion has been long used as a method by sex offenders to cover up their crimes. Pro-abortion campaigners frequently claim that legalized abortion is necessary for rape victims, however they fail to see that the abortion does not benefit the victims who are once against violated by the act of abortion. Rather it frequently benefits the perpetrators of these crimes.

The notorious predator Jimmy Saville used abortion on at least two occasions to cover up his abuse of minors.

Sadly, abortion is used to cover up rape. A better option would be to provide compassionate care and support to these women and prevent criminals from using abortion to cover up their crimes.


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