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“It’s about answering people’s questions”: young people on the Life Canvass in Dublin

The Life Canvass, the game changing new initiative which seeks to open up a honest discussion about the reality of abortion to every home in every county, is now in full swing and is making enormous strides all across the country.   Our canvassers are reporting every day that they are having important conversations with people on the doorsteps and reaching people that they would never have been able to get through to any other way.  Canvass teams all across the country are pounding the pavement in order to reach out to as many people as possible. 

Roisin, a college student and canvasser in Dublin, reports, “You come across so many stories and experiences. A lot of people really aren’t aware of the facts about abortion.  They’re mostly happy to discuss issue and, when we come to the door, they feel they can ask questions.”   

Christine, a recent college graduate, added, “People have genuine questions about abortion and their questions aren’t being answered by the media.”   

Fatima, another student on the Dublin canvass, agrees. “There is a terrible lack of facts about the issue.  People know there are huge gaps in what the pro-abortion media is reporting, and they actually want to know the truth.”   

The Life Canvass is part of a three-strand Yes to Life initiative which aims to engage the public and have meaningful discussions about the abortion issue directly with the people while bypassing the media bias.  The three strands include street outreach, Church outreach and Door-to-Door canvass.     

Canvasses are taking place all over the country, including canvasses in constituencies right across Dublin.   

The Yes to Life campaign is a wonderful chance to become involved in the greatest human rights issue of our time.  If you are interested in finding a canvass in your area or starting one of your own, check out the Yes to Life website or call the campaign contact number on  087 1764656.




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