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Our pro-life billboards are being seen everywhere

All summer long, our pro-life mobile billboards have been spreading the message that every human being is precious and worthy of protection. The billboards accompanied our young volunteers throughout the pro-life summer roadshow, stopped in front of the Dail during the important vote to stop Mick Wallace’s pro-abortion bill, and have crisscrossed that country several times. 


With the arrival of autumn, the billboards are not slowing down and will continue to carry the striking message that ‘Everyone Has a Right-to-Life’ and that ‘#Abortion Discriminates’ to every county in Ireland. 

Recently, the billboards have visited towns and cities throughout the country, from Dublin to Galway, and Cavan to Cork, reaching Donegal and heading for Dingle. The billboards even made an appearance at the All Ireland Hurling Championship outside Croke Park reaching tens of thousands of Irish people. The billboards currently carry the image of a handsome young man, Joseph, who has Down Syndrome.  

In the UK, 90% of children like Joseph are abortion due to their condition.  Abortion is truly the ultimate form of discrimination. This mobile billboard campaign is so important for reaching as many people as we possibly can with the message that women and babies in Ireland deserve better than abortion.  

These billboards are allowing us to reach an audience that we may never had been able to reach otherwise and making people think about the reality of abortion. So keep an eye out for the billboards traveling through your area – and give us a call if you’d like it to come your way.

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