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“Horrifying”: abortionist defends gendercide at Abortion Committee

Peter Fitzpatrick TD has described abortionists BPAS as a ‘horrifying charity” after their spokeswoman defended aborting babies because they were girls, and went on to defend late-term abortions. She also told Senator Rónán Mullen that she “didn’t keep track” of the number of abortions she had carried out but said it was “hundreds, maybe thousands”. 

Dr. Patricia Lohr, Medical Director of the British abortion chain BPAS, appeared in front of the Oireachtas Committee examining the 8th Amendment, and her answers were deeply shocking.   Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick said he could not understand how BPAS could defend gendercide and late-term abortion, and was critical that they did not answer questions in regard to the fact that 90% of babies with Down Syndrome were aborted in Britain.

He questioned Patricia Lohr on comments previously made by BPAS CEO Ann Furedi’s where she supported gendercide and called for the 24 week limit on abortion should be scrapped when taking part in the on the BBC programme Loose Women. The head of BPAS  shocked panellists on the daytime television show in August when she said the 24 week limit on abortion should be scrapped, and that it was “always down to the woman” if she wanted to abort her baby because it was the wrong gender.

Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick: said “My question was whether Dr. Lohr thought abortion should be allowed on the grounds of gender. What does she think? Her CEO seemed to think it should be one of the grounds. She also stated on the same programme when she was talking about sex selection that it should always be down to the woman to make the decision for herself because she will live with it”

Lohr replied: “ I absolutely do agree with the position that it is for the woman to decide when and whether she is ready to parent or have a child and put it up for adoption.”

Deputy Fitzpatrick said that BPAS is “a horrifying charity” and that it’s CEO was supporting “gender selection.” He also said that most people would be horrified at the idea of abortion after 24 weeks.   Senator Rónán Mullen asked Lohr how many abortions she had carried out.  

Rónán Mullen: What is the estimate of overall number of abortions carried out?   Dr. Patricia Lohr: I do not think I can give a number. It is hundreds or thousands, maybe. I do not keep track.   Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that it was appalling that abortionists were being dressed up as “independent experts” by the Oireachtas  Committee. “Voters are increasingly seeing through this farce, and the pretence that abortionists, who have a vested interest in selling their horrible trade are being flown over here by our politicians in order to get media attention to their campaign to smash Ireland’s pro-life laws.”

She said that BPAS’ support of gendercide was disgusting but unsurprising given that the abortion industry was not interested in supporting women, simply in exploiting them for profit.  


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