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WATCH: BBC interview focuses on pregnancy after rape

In a live debate with BBC, Niamh Uí Bhriain of Life Institute, slammed the ‘strike’ for Repeal as #FakeNews and explained why abortion is not the answer when a baby is conceived in rape.

Niamh pointed out that a strike means leaving work without an employer's permission and going without pay. Describing staying at home with your employers consent, wearing black or a black arm band as a “strike” was not just inaccurate, she said, but effectively amounted to #FakeNews. Niamh pointed out that this reduced journalism to mere abortion propaganda.

She said that if the well-funded Abortion Campaign had actually asked women to really strike, there would have been no protest to cover. Niamh asked why journalists were so willing to along with whatever the Repeal The 8th campaign said instead of questioning the use of the term “strike” so dishonestly.

The BBC interviewer did not discuss the question of bias but asked Niamh why pro-lifer advocates wanted to ‘force’ women who become pregnant through rape or incest to have their babies. The Life Institute spokeswoman acknowledged that this was a very difficult situation but challenged the viewers to listen to women who had been in this situation, pointing out that most of them did not undergo abortion and that rape survivors had said that abortion would be another violation, while they also said that the child was another innocent party to the crime of the rapist.

She called for a more humane approach to rape victims, and for real, long term supports for women involved and any children conceived instead of offering them the false solution of abortion, and added that Ireland sought compassionate and progressive answers to these difficult situations rather than resorting to killing children.

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