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Poll shows swing to pro-life as extreme abortion bills debated

Polls show that voters are swinging to the pro-life position as a result of radical new laws Democrats have pushed through state legislatures allowing abortion up until birth. 

In January, many voters were horrified at scenes from the New York Senate where abortion campaigners and their political allies exulted in the passing of the late-term abortion measure, cheering, whooping and applauding as if abortion was a reason to party. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, supposedly a Catholic, didn’t just sign the law, he threw kisses to the crowd while he was doing it, and ordered the World Trade Center to be illuminated in pink to celebrate the moment.

It prompted Hollywood actor, Robert Davi to post a viral video to Twitter saying  "I don’t understand what’s happening to this country.” “I am grieving for these children, I am grieving for the women ... you really think you can rip a baby from the womb at nine month and it’s okay?"

Just days later, the Virginia House also debated a bill to allow abortion to the point of birth. The bill was voted down, but Ralph Northam, the Democrat Governor, caused widespread uproar and anger when he defended the bill’s provisions, in particular when he argued that if a baby was born after a failed abortion “the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Abortion campaigners forget that the middle-ground voter doesn’t believe in “shouting your abortion” or in celebrating it as a moral good. The support of those voters has only been gained by selling the false pretext that abortion is a sad but necessary evil.

The depraved scenes of celebration and the reality of what these new bills intend have shown the real mindset of abortion campaigners and their horrifying indifference to the child about to be killed. In letting the mask slip, abortion supporters have revealed themselves to the middle ground in a way that many commentators believe will yet lose them the war.

In the wake of the controversies, a new Marist poll for the Knights of Columbus shows a major swing in some categories towards the pro-life perspective. Earlier polls showed Americans were more likely to identify as pro-choice than as pro-life (55 to 38 per cent respectively), but now that has seen a massive 17% swing to life, with both sides being equal at 47%. 

Significantly, the publishers noted, the shift has also occurred among Democrats, with proportions of those voters identifying as pro-life rising from 20 per cent in January to 34 per cent after the abortion controversies. It seems that celebrating late-term abortion is a step too far for most voters. 


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