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Renua candidate seeks to raise pro-life disability issue in EU

Michael O'Dowd of Renua has announced his candidacy in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, and one of his key issues is the right to life of people with disabilities. 

Speaking to Tim Jackson of Gript  Media, Mr O'Dowd said he was running in the Midlands Northwest constituency as a candidate who would push forward policies that put communities first. \My involvement in active politics began when I had a son born with an intellectual disability, and it really informs my views. We need to work to ensure abortion does not become the norm in this country," said Mr O'Dowd who was a leading voice for families with disabilities in the referendum on the 8th.  

"I intend to shine a light on the services that are provided here in this country I believe that the HSE are negligent in particular in relation to disability services, the service providers are now dictating what happens and the funds are not getting to the individual with disabilities but also in Europe I think it's really important that we highlight the fact that there is a huge amount of people with disabilities, intellectual disability in particular whose lives have been terminated before they even see the light of day that's an issue certainly we'll raise. 

The Renua candidate said that the EU had been both a force for good and bad and that he sought to ensure that important cultural values were represented in the EU Parliament. "Renua policies are about putting families and communities first and its so important to have a voice saying that at the table in the EU." 

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