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Abortionists worry that Coronavirus causing fall off in number of abortions 

The outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 could "cripple abortion services" according to media reports - news that has been welcomed by pro-life groups who say i will afford opportunities to help both mother and child. 

The Huffington Post reports that "Abortion access is under threat as Coronavirus spreads" and frets that because some clinics are hanging on "by a thread",  the global pandemic "might put them under". 

The article reports that one abortionist in Texas, who is self-quarantining for 14 days, worried that women might not be able to end their pregnancies in his absence. No suggestion was made as to referring women top centres which could perhaps help them have their babies. 

Abortion supporters in the US say that, with many doctors already refusing to provide abortions, their might be a fall in the number of unborn babies whose lives are ended by the procedure.  “Potentially, it could have a huge impact," abortionist Joe Nelson told the Huff Post. 

With countries across the globe beginning to implement a lockdown, with borders closing, mass gatherings being cancelled, and people being asked or encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, access to abortion is likely to be impacted. 

As with all other facilities, abortion providers also are required to think about the safety of those entering their clinics, such as limiting unnecessary social contact. You could even argue that the increased spread of this virus could prevent women from choosing to seek “support” from these clinics. Yet, what abortion providers are currently fearing, is their own ability to continue to provide abortions.

The Life Institute said that if the pandemic encouraged women to  seek abortion alternatives that would be a good outcome for both mother and baby. "There are amazing organisations such as Gianna Care ready and willing to help women with unexpected pregnancies, and every life saved is good news, especially at this time of global concern with so many lives being lost to the Covid-19 virus, " said Niamh Uí Bhriain.  

Some will encouraging women to take the abortion pill from home, with abortion protesters in Northern Ireland calling for the abortion pill to be more accessible to women throughout this crisis. Additionally, they are asking for abortion consultations to take place online, rather than in the clinic, so women can still have access to abortion, whilst limiting the risk of social contact.

The abortion pill is known to have several risks and side effects, including, severe bleeding, sepsis, and sadly in some cases, death. It is more likely that the lack of an “appropriate” consultation and supervision would increase these already existing risks for these women. The fact that this is being suggested is shocking in itself.

This is another example of how the abortion industry does not truly care for women. This pandemic has placed us in a national crisis, but instead of putting their energy on helping the vulnerable from avoiding this new disease, it seems that these pro-abortionists are more concerned about the decrease of abortion rates, and are using this current situation to exploit these vulnerable women; women who may be even more vulnerable given the current situation we are all in. 


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