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While the rest of the country battles to save lives in the COVID-19 crisis, Sinn Feín and left-wing TDs have launched a sneak attack to widen even further Ireland's abortion laws.

They are seeking amendments to the Emergency Measures legislation which would: 

  • allow nurses to prescribe the abortion pill 
  • allow medical practitioners to provide the pill by post without actually seeing the pregnant women in person 
  • it has also been suggested that the three day 'waiting period', which might give pregnant women time for reflection or to seek life-affirming support, be suspended. 

It is both ghoulish and deplorable that this is being proposed while the country is pre-occupied and concerned with the Coronavirus crisis. Left-wing TDs such as Bríd Smith and Paul Murphy are pushing these life-ending measure with Eoin Ó Broin of Sinn Féín and Mick Barry of Solidarity at a time when everyone else is trying to save lives. 

We urge you to contact your TDs TODAY to ensure that these proposals are rejected during the debates. 

TDs contact details can be found here

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