VOTE PRO LIFE: Seanad vote 2020 coming up

The results of the recent general election in Ireland highlighted an encouraging message for us, with all 15 TDs who voted No keeping their seats.

If you have a vote in the Seanad elections, please use it for good. Those registered to vote can vote within two panels: The National University of Ireland (NUI), and Trinity College.

Rónán Mullen is the only strongly pro life candidate on these panels and deserves strong support for his unswerving stance for Life. 

Votes need to have been returned by the 31st March, and so we also encourage you to get your vote in as soon as possible to make it count.

When the abortion legislation was passing through the Seanad in 2018 just 5 Senators voted No and spoke bravely against the extreme bill. They were Brian Ó Domhnaill, Terry Leyden, Rónán Mullen, John O’Mahony, and Diarmuid Wilson.

Apart from Rónán Mullen, other pro-life candidates are running on the various Seanad panels, including Brian Ó Domhnaill on the Agricultural Panel and Paul Lawless of Aontú on the Cultural and Educational Panel. Only TDs and County Councillors can vote on these panels, so if you have a pro-life TD or Councillor, again, we encourage you to ask them to vote for a pro-life candidate.

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