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“Abortion blow-out”: rates in Queensland increase by 58% since 2018

The Termination of Pregnancy Act was introduced in Queensland, Australia, by the Labour Government in 2018, allowing for abortion to be provided on demand until 22 weeks, and with doctors approval until birth. Yet, despite claims that abortion rates had not gone up in Queensland since the legalisation of abortion, the number of abortions taking place have in fact increased by 58%.

Cherish Life reports on their website that the Health Minister in Queensland, Yvette D’Ath had only used the statistics for surgical abortions when she told Parliament that there had been no rise in overall abortion rates in the state since the Termination of Pregnancy Act was implemented. Yet, the statistics that compare both medical and surgical abortions show that there has been an 58% increase in overall abortions between 2018 and 2019.

The numbers released for abortion rates within these two years do show that there was a small increase in surgical abortions, and that this large increase of abortion rates was due to an increase in medical abortions. Cherish Life called this dramatic increase in abortion rates as an “abortion blow-out”.

“The figures are so so so bad. Those poor little babies, and their neglected mothers. Our hearts break. It's hard to find words to explain the sorrow,” they said in their post.

“In some ways the abortion blowout is not surprising, as the Queensland Labor Government at every turn has effectively incentivised abortion over alternatives such as adoption. It even voted down an amendment to offer counselling to women considering abortion, and there are no informed consent laws for abortion in Queensland.”

Cherish Life have said that the increased abortion rates are “deeply distressing and needs urgent attention”. They have called for the Labour government to be held to account for this issue, as well as the Health Minister to be held accountable for her misleading claims.

“Despite the heart-break, attacks and set-backs, the fight for life must go on and increase in strength, as some of the worst opponents to life are in powerful places. Thank you for not giving up or tiring. If we don't keep fighting for the unborn, who will be their voice?" they said. 

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