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Pro-lifers will resist any attempt to close down Rally for Life


Just last month, we gathered for the national All-Ireland Rally for Life - and the thousands who took part were inspired to bring their recharged joy back to their hometowns. 

Now, as the Irish Catholic reports, the Rally for Life organisers have hit back at any possibility of the national march being impacted by draconian legislation to curtail pro-lifers being proposed by Minister Stephen Donnelly 

The Irish Catholic reports: "pro-lifers will resist any attempts to use new ‘exclusion zones’ legislation to ban the largest pro-life event of the year, the Life Institute have said."

Niamh Uí Bhriain told The Irish Catholic that such an interpretation of the legislation would be extreme and “malicious”.

“That would have profoundly important implications for the right to protest for everybody, not just for pro-lifers,” she said.

“It shows the danger of this particular piece of legislation, because it’s wide open to being used and abused in really malicious ways… your actions or what you’re holding can be interpreted so broadly, they could potentially clamp down on any pro-life expression.”

The annual gathering could be banned or face re-routing in the capital under controversial proposals being drawn up by Fianna Fáil Health Minister Stephen Donnelly.

Mr Donnelly has vowed to ban any pro-life protests or events within 100 metres of where abortions are carried out in so-called ‘exclusion zones’.

Read the rest of the Irish Catholic article here


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