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A packed event for young pro-lifers brings motivation and empowerment to change the culture

It was a packed house for the Reclaim pro-life training event at the Life House last week and we're delighted to say that the consensus is that it was a huge success."

The office was filled with young people, some old friends, and some new faces, all eager to listen and engage. All were left enthusiastic about being part of the cause for Life, and motivated to change the culture. 

The opening of the event was a  great speech by journalist and commentator Ben Scallan who stirred up the crowd, while answering questions and engaging with discussions on key issues. For those attending, it is clear that we are on the right side of history and  we're working to empower young people to be proud and bold with our beliefs.  

After the talk everyone was divided into teams and then a quiz tested knowledge of the subjects at hand (there was a mighty, delicious prize of easter chocolate eggs.) 

The Reclaim team then led off with a few games, that made people bond and comfortable with each other and for the evening to be more enjoyable for everyone - which it was! The aim of this event was not only to train the young people but also to build a pro-life community, and important steps forward were taken that evening. 

Then we turned back to education with a presentation led by Sandra, and a discussion around the animated videos of the abortion procedures presented by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino. The videos are shocking and deeply sad, but we need to know the truth and inform others of the same. 

Afterwards, some of the young people attending said the video reminded them just how cruel abortion really is . There was also a general discussion on the appalling record of the government in relation to rising abortion rates, late-term abortion, and blocking a bill which might give a baby pain relief. 

The evening flew by with lots of engagement, games, information and we were all ready to learn from one another. 

People enjoyed the games, the talks and the slides - and the free pizza! (The 10 boxes ordered were completely gone in about 5 minutes.)

At the end of the event, people said the evening had really motivated them to do more and to be empowered to get involved.

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